Hanging Out and Ending with a Bang

We've been busy this summer. We were lucky enough to get onboard with the New Music Festival, SCENE Fest and NXNE this year. Not to mention playing a stellar show at the Mod Club with our old pals StereoKid.

And despite all the parties and late nights we are going to end this season with SummerAid. For those of you who've never heard of it... it's basically a camping weekend of music, food, drinks and trying out your best moves on that special someone you've been stalking at the beach. Good luck!

Finally we are also very pleased to announce our new video for Bathroom Stall is finally out!! It is with great pride that we would like to share this pinnacle of achievement which clearly shows our priorities when it comes to spending time, money and resources.WATCH IT HERE!




It's almost summer and we have shows lining up! This year we're hoping to do more festivals and meet more of you. So far so good!

We're still fighting the good fight (i.e. trying to avoid real responsibilities and record something new!) so we'll keep you posted...as best we can.

Please do come see us, we will laugh at all your jokes and apologize in advance for things we say and don't mean.



Canadian Music Week 2013

Hey girls and boys, just wanted to let you all know we are playing CMW this year! Click here for all the details...

So come on by and check us out. We will not dissapoint, plus we guarantee you'll get to second base if you bring a date!! Thats the kind of thing we can help inspire.

Hope to see your pretty little faces.


Chinatown EP

Yes, it's true, our new EP Chinatown is out! You can get it at shows, iTunes, or come visit us at home. Our EP release is Sat Sep 8 2012 at the Mod Club in Toronto. Come check it out...

Also...new blog, new website look, new links and new photos by Jesse McCracken.

What else you wanna know?! Just play the damn songs already.


Shows and New Tunes

We’re back in 2012 with our first show at the Horseshoe in February and our new EP that is due out this winter.

Look out for the new songs up here on our website. We will be putting up teasers and samples as we progress along the mixing and mastering stages so get pumped!

We’ll be seeing ya’ll real soon.



It is with sadness that JOJETO would like to announce that long time drummer and original member Jordan Kane has decided to leave the band. You can read more about this topic in our blog.

JOJETO will continue with its remaining three members and we are currently scheduled to record some new songs later this fall.

We would like to wish Jordan all the best in his future endeavours.


NEW EP: Lights & Speeches

We've finally finished the new EP and will be pressing copies and making it available on iTunes in spring 2011. We are officially calling it Lights & Speeches. Songs will be up on here and on our myspace as usual so come in and have a listen!

Thanks to Noel Cadastre, Jay Milutinovic, Kenta, and all the dudes at Kensington Sound studio for all the help.

Hope you enjoy.


JOJETO is Recording

So we're finally back in the studio recording some new tracks. We'll be posting them up as soon as they're done along with a whole revamp of our websites.

Look out for these new tracks at any upcoming shows this fall. Also remember to sign up to our new facebook page and keep checking our YouTube site for new videos!

See ya'll real soon.


TNT on YouTube

In case some of you have noticed we've been making some videos showing off Tony's guitar pedals. We decided to make a series out of it since that obsessive man he has so many of them. Plus it shows us just being our usual stupid selves. If you haven't seen one yet go to the YouTube link and enjoy or be offended (we apologize if it's the latter).

We'll keep making these videos until Tony runs out of pedals so collect them all!


JOJETO Official Website Launch

Welcome to the official JOJETO Website. We have finally decided to launch this thing once and for all. In here you'll find all sorts of cool things we can provide you with such as news, press links, blogs, and all sorts of other things to enhance your JOJETO experience.

Additionally there are links to our other websites at the bottom of each page. Don't be afraid to visit those as well. Hope you like it!


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Upcoming Shows

Date: Oct 17, 2013 (IndieWeek)
Venue: The Cage 292
Address: 292 College Street West, Toronto, ON
Time: 9pm

Date: Aug 24, 2013 (SummerAid)
Venue: Grand Bend Motorplex
Address: 70292 Bullock Line, Grand Bend, ON
Time: noon

Date: July 19, 2013 (New Music Festival)
Venue: Studio Fifty West
Address: 50 Dunlop St West, Barrie, ON
Time: 12am

Date: July 12, 2013 (w/ Stereo Kid!!!)
Venue: Mod Club
Address: 722 College St, Toronto, ON
Time: 11pm

Date: June 15, 2013 (NXNE)
Venue: The Painted Lady
Address: 18 Ossington Ave Toronto, ON
Time: 10pm

Date: June 9, 2013 (S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival)
Venue: L3 Nightclub
Address: 6 James St, St. Catharines, ON
Time: 3:45pm

Date: June 8, 2013 (New Music Festival)
Venue: Peddlers Pub
Address: 63 Cedar St, Sudbury, ON
Time: 12am

Date: Mar 22, 2013 (CMW)
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe (Club 279)
Address: 279 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
Time: 12am

Date: Mar 21, 2013 (CMW)
Venue: Velvet Underground
Address: 510 Queen St W Toronto, ON
Time: 11pm

Date: Feb 22, 2013
Venue: Call The Office
Address: 216 York St, London, ON
Time: 11pm

Date: Dec 28, 2012
Venue: The Rivoli
Address: 332 Queen Street W, Toronto, ON
Time: 11pm

Date: Sept 8, 2012 (EP Release!!)
Venue: Mod Club
Address: 722 College St, Toronto, ON
Time: 9pm

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