Alrighty Then

August 20, 2012

Don't pretend you read this blog often enough to justify us updating it in reasonable periods (i.e. not every 6 months)...

So anyways, Chinatown is finally coming out! It will be available at shows and iTunes (if it's not there yet hold on to your undies...it's coming). We are super stoked about this and hope to make all our parents proud with this EP. That's why we've included songs about falling in love with a stripper, hooking up in a bathroom stall and getting loose with cheap gin and wine.

We truly hope you all enjoy this EP. As per our usual tradition we've taken way too long to record it and release it, but what's a good song without some foreplay huh?

Stay tuned for our usual show updates and internet scandals!


- Tony

A Sincere Goodbye

October 6, 2011

As some of you may have heard rumours we would like to officially announce that Jordan has decided to leave the band. Jordan was one of the original members of JOJETO and formed the basis of the group in 2003 along with Jeff.

We want to be very clear in the fact that there is no ill will between any of the band members and Jordan. He has decided to leave on his own accord to pursue other life interests. The rest of the members of the band wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

That being said we are now regrouping and re-thinking the future of JOJETO. We are staying together as of now and in fact we are going back to the studio to record some new songs which were already in the works. However we are obviously now limited in our live performances so we are scaling down our shows until we can figure out a new arrangement.

Once we are done recording we can sit back and ponder on what our next step will be. Regardless of these developments we really appreciate the support fans have given us up until now and we don’t plan on stopping quite yet.

We would like to end this blog by also thanking Jordan and his family for all the support they have given us through out the years. Although we wont be playing together anymore we will still be keeping in touch.



Shows Past and Future

November 9, 2010

Hey peoples, so as usual it’s been a while since we have written any new blogs, we really are not good at the whole social media thing. Any way, the past few months have been really exciting! We have all been really busy individually with work, travel and school but we’ve still been able to play some sweet shows!

We played at Humber College’s FROSHFEST ’10 which was a blast. Unfortunately Tony was out of the country for this show (partying in Vegas) but we were able to get Kenta, the guitarist from Stereokid, to fill in for him. We rehearsed with Kenta for about two weeks and Kenta quickly picked up all of the songs. Our set got bumped up into the headlining slot which was awesome and a stroke of good luck! We played before Lights, Ko, Kardinal Offishall, and Marianas Trench for a good few hundred people. We played a great set, the crowd dug it and we have a video online of the show. Tony was missed but we killed it anyway.

We played another show early October with our friends Stereokid. It was a pickup show because one of their sets got cut short at a festival. So we packed the place and had a great show with a guest appearance from Dave Neal (Jeff from Jojeto’s uncle, Greg and Dan from Stereokid’s dad!) who destroyed the show and was definitely the most memorable act.

And then at the end of October we played at Lee’s Palace with Polarity and the Trip which was another great show. We just heard from the owners that they want us back sometime so stay tuned for the next Lee’s Palace show!

Other than that, we are still finishing up our new EP. We have had a few complications with getting it done. Someone else is now mixing it and rerecording a few things – that someone of course being trusty Kenta again. So it is going to be a great EP and we are all very pumped for it!

Keep in the loop, keep checking our YouTube channel for the new T.N.T. episodes and check the website for upcoming shows!

Stay sexy!


Studio Videos

August 20, 2010

We've been in the studio this past week recording some new songs and a surprise track by popular demand. During these times Jeff has obviously been busy with his camera documenting our ventures.

For this matter we're going to make some webisodes of our sessions and post them up for your viewing pleasure. They will be up real soon along with the songs, so we're pretty excited for all of this.

So look out for these new postings and keep yourself in the loop with JOJETO.

- Tony


July 16, 2010

Hello friends, once again, long time no blog. It appears we are just plain bad at updating our social media sites. However, though we’ve neglected the update forum, there are still new things brewing for Jojeto. First and foremost, for those of you who are wanting to hear some more recent recordings, we are planning on hitting the studio in upcoming months. We have been doing some PRE-preproduction with Brian Moncarz at Rattlebox Studios cleaning up song arrangements and such and hopefully will be getting some tracks down soon. Next, we have created a NEW facebook page that we will be updating constantly (WE PROMISE) and will delete all of our other facebook pages/groups in a few weeks. So if you haven’t joined it yet be sure to!

And if it shows up under music on your profile that you like JOJETO and JOJETO, don’t worry – that will only be until we delete the other ones. Other than that, keep checking our youtube channel to catch the weekly episodes of T.N.T. (Tony’s New Toys). That is one thing that we have been consistent with!


- Jeff

Another bang'n show at the Drake

April 19, 2010

Wow, time flies when you’re not bloging, but onto more important matters…

We had yet another successful show at the Drake this past weekend with the always awesome Stereokid. We couldn’t have asked for a better time and closing with Suck My Kiss with both bands on stage was truly awesome.

We’re still playing shows, so keep checking out the site for updates. We apologize for the lack of new photos but we are trying our best to do a shoot very soon! We will try to make them as good as our bio pics but with our real faces this time.

- Tony

CMW in Toronto

March 14, 2010

OK, so I'll admit we haven't been keeping up with our blog, but it's been busy for all of us! We have been in the middle of practices, promo stunts and just overall planning in the last two months. This weekend it all came to a peek with our first ever spot on Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

We were placed at club Neutral on college street along with some out of town bands (really out of town, like Spain and Brazil). It was an awesome show and even Alan Cross from 102.1 the Edge was nice enough to show up! Then on Saturday we went to check out the buzz at the Royal York Hotel where the Indies were held as well as a bunch of musician friendly events. We closed the night with a show at the Garrison where Moneen rocked the place until almost 2am! Today I'm ending the weekend with another show at the Opera House, Dillinger Escape Plan, iwrestledabearonce, and Darkest Hour. That's pretty much just to satisfy the metal side of me hahaha.

We're going to start posting video blogs as well. They'll be linked here to our myspace or viceversa. Look out for those and more JOJETO at upcoming festivals in the area.

- Tony

We're back in full force

January 12, 2010

We're back in business for January with a great start to the year last Saturday (Jan 9) at the Drake in Toronto. We played a show with our good friends Stereo Kid and filled the basement with people! It was a great night indeed for us as we even heard some people who knew the words to our songs and even saw some who managed to crowd surf in the tiny room.

In these upcoming days we also hope to make some new ties to collaborate with and start laying down some new demos for future recording. If they turn out well enough we may even post them on this website for you guys to check out and give us some feedback.

That's the skinny for now. We want to thank everyone who came out to the Jan 9 show as well as Stereo Kid for rocking it with us. More still to come...

- Tony

JOJETO in the New Year

December 23, 2009

As you may have noticed, we have been taking it easy this past couple of months, we've played a few shows but nothing too spectacular. We've mostly been working on writing new material and looking for resources to build our small empire.

For next year we are hoping to disclose some very exciting news which would mean more recording, touring and overall goodies we can offer the fans. Stay posted to our websites and blogs for 2010!

- Tony

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