Jeff Milutinovic (Bass)

Jeff was one of the original members of the band when it first started. He met Jordan Kane in high school and at some point thereafter began playing with him. He would later recruit Tony Medina to also join the jam sessions thus forming the first lineup of JOJETO.

Jeff likes his hair long and his mustache short. Other than that, this man will make you dinner and a soundtrack to go with it.

Tony Medina (Lead Guitar)

Tony is also one of the original three members. He joined the band after Jeff finally convinced him. After being in rivaling bands (and all together just rivals) they finally came to terms with eachother.

While working in an office Tony has aquired many talents such as speed reading and bypassing internet firewalls... but mostly he likes playing with guitar pedals and drinking some half decent rye.

C. Lance Bezusco (Vox/Rhythm Guitar)

Lance joined the band a few years after the group had formed. One notorious winter he finally met the original 3 members and auditioned. Although the other guys were apprehensive at first (due to his terrible jokes and lame humour) they recognized he was a good fit and invited him to join the band.

This vocalist also has his own solo side project which he occassionaly indulges in. Lance is also known to cook entire chickens at once and start pit fires with gasoline. He has survived both thus far.

Andy M. (Drums)

Andy joined the band in 2012 after the departure of Jordan Kane. He had known the guys for a while and just seemed like an obvious choice when they decided to recruit him. He has his own car which is a big plus.

If you don't catch him enjoying some pasta you may see him driving 5km under the speed limit and singing 80's classics on the highway. Make sure you honk at him.